Pinterest Scraper & Extractor

Our Pinterest Scraper tool will help you to collect pin data and leads with their business emails and social media profiles from Pinterest. Here is the information you will see in your extracted CSV files.

  • Title

  • Pin Source

  • Followers

  • Following

  • Website

  • Emails

  • Social Media

  • Contact

  • Total Pins

  • Total Boards

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to scrape Pinterest?

Scrapping is a legal business. As we all know that “Pinterest” is an open platform and all the information and pictures are publicly available so it is safe to say that the data scraped from Pinterest is not illegal.
Do remember, if you scrape out data maliciously then it is illegal.

How do I extract data from Pinterest?

You can download our “LeadStal” extension and add it to your browser. After adding our extension to your browser when you will visit “Pinterest” and want to extract data from it then you can search any specific topic in Pinterest and then you can click on our “LeadStal” button and our software will generate the leads for you, you can also filter the results according to your choice by customization.
There is another way as well to extract data and that is — you can visit a profile of your choice and you can get the list of that profile’s followers and who he/she follows with their email id and social media handles. You can also export the list as a .csv file to use later on.

Can I use Pinterest Leads generator on other browsers?

Currently, Most of our users using this Pinterest Scraper on google chrome browser. But, for making it more accessible we have published it on other browser platforms like

  • Naver whale.(Coming Soon)
  • Microsoft EDGE. (Coming Soon)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Coming Soon)
  • Opera (Coming Soon)

Is Pin Leads Generator scraper free?

Yes, we do have a “Freemium” account along with the other two monthly paid accounts.

  • Standard Account — only $35 monthly (If you take this account for a year then you will have to pay only $32.)
  • Premium Account — only $250 (If you take this account for a year then you will have to pay only $240)

What is a Pinterest scraper?

A “Pinterest Scraper” is an extracting tool that scrapes information about users, posts, pins, shares, etc on Pinterest. It automatically gathers data from this image sharing and social media service designed to enable the saving and discovery of images, animated GIFs, and videos.