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“This is great extension, GMap Leads Generator - LeadStal, this useful for me, now i can develop my bussines easier.I Really Appreciate To The Working Team In This.I've been looking for something like this for several days but I can't find it. But it satisfies me when I see and install it. I highly recommend it to my family and my friends.This is really powerful google map lead extractor, amazing extension.”

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“it was so helpful. i have been searching this app for long time. it has a social media links also it is faster than other tools , this is the most powerful and fastest google map lead extractor tool to generate a ton of google map business leads with their valid emails”

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“I've tried this extension for a few days, I think this extension very help my business activities to get new potential clients through the Google Maps facility and make my business more developed with many of my new potential clients.”

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“By far the best GMaps tool by miles. It's lightening fast and crawls even social media links and emails wherever available. Not many tools does that and it's where the tool stands out like a pillar among all its competitors. Have been in constant touch with the developer and he seems to be very professional, seeking feedback always, and is full of positive energy. I wish him all the best for his upcoming tools.”

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