LeadStal- Privacy Policy

We request you to read it very carefully before you agree to our terms and conditions. This Privacy Policy includes important information about your personal data and what you will be allowing us to use.
LeadStal welcomes you to the world of data and lead generation. LeadStal is a b2b lead generation tool which helps in extracting information from various online platforms just in a minute without any cost and single lines of coding knowledge. It gives you an ultra-fast lead collection with authentic information. In this process, we need some of your personal information as well in order to provide you the service.

What do we mean by “Personal information/data?”

By “personal information/data” we mean any information that relates to an identified or identifiable individual, and can include information about how you engage with the services of LeadStal. For e.g: Device information, IP address, Cookies, User Information etc.Also,

For the proper execution of the services we offer through the Website and Tools, we collect the following data:

Information that allows you to identify when you open your account: name, first name, email address.

Information about billing: name, first name, billing date, billing address.

Any information you choose to share with us.

The types of data which can be collected by our site, includes:

User Information

Device Information


User Generated Information

How are these datas collected?

Account: These datas are collected through the user's account. To be our user, you have to sign up on our website and there you’ll have to put the details of yours, such as; Full name, username, email etc. You will be fully responsible for all activities that occur under the account and any other actions taken in connection with the account. You must immediately notify LeadStal of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breaches of security. LeadStal will not be liable for any acts or omissions by You, including any damages of any kind incurred as a result of such acts or omissions.

Unacceptable Behavior

We are very strict about our rules and regulations. We will not tolerate any slight amount of breaches or discord. We want your full cooperation to keep our harmony.

We will not tolerate the resell of Leadstal services without authorization, as well as to carry out any commercial use of the information extracted using our Services.

Usage of the site for child pornography, child abuse, and maltreatment affecting children, their families and / or a third party.

Transmit any material (by email, forums, guest books, web space or in any other manner) that threatens, and encourages performing bodily harm or destruction of property or person.

Transmit any content considered adult or pornographic, such as explicit sex scenes, full nudity, etc.

Harassment or blackmail.

Illegal use of our site.

Transmit the insertion of messages or advertisements without complying with the legal requirements, and / or is considered to be spam and / or carrying out spamming behaviors (sending spam or unsolicited messages).

Deceptive or unlawful activities.

Copyright claims.

Use material that infringes and / or affects the intellectual or industrial property rights of our other clients and / or users and / or of a third party, (trademarks, trade names, slogans, pictures or content, among others…). In this regard, you cannot publish any material, belonging to a third party that is registered as their intellectual and / or industrial property, without the rightful authorization of the owner or after ensuring that when used you have the corresponding license to do so.

Payment and Renewal Service

By opening an account and accepting our terms & conditions, you’re complying with our website’s payment scheme. When you upgrade our tool, you will be paying to us through “Stripe” and it has the available card registered in it by which you can make the payment. The cards are: MasterCard, Visa Card, Maestro, JCB, American Express.


As an account holder on LeadStal, you grant LeadStal the right to use your company's assets and logos. These assets and logos will be used purely for marketing and sales efforts, such as being displayed on the homepage.


Ownership, copyright and title of any software that is developed by LeadStal shall at all times remain with LeadStal. The client shall not acquire directly, indirectly or by implication any title, copyright or ownership in the software or any parts thereof.


LeadStal is not responsible for issuing inaccurate emails, our algorithm only simulates the emails and checks its existence and validates them.

Personal data

As a visitor or client of our Services, the collection and process of your personal data is subject to our Data policy and other documents referenced in this Privacy Policy, as well as updates. By checking the box prior to finalizing the creation of Your account, You expressly accept such Privacy Policy.
Since our services allow you to access certain personal information for your business needs, you will be the controller of any personal information of third parties provided to, or collected by or for, or processed for you, in connection with our Services.
As a consequence, you acknowledge having full knowledge of all legal and regulatory obligations under personal data protection regulations that may apply to you, as a controller, including without limitation. You must comply with such aforementioned obligations as well as the Data processing agreement. Failing which, LeadStal reserves the right to suspend your account, temporarily or definitively.
LeadStal, as your processing subcontractor, undertakes to collect, process and provide to you, personal information of third parties in accordance with the Data subcontracting agreement while providing our Services. LeadStal may only be liable in the event of a breach of its contractual or legal obligations as a subcontractor in accordance with your applicable laws. Its liability cannot be held if arising from your failure or negligence to comply with your own obligations.


This Agreement shall continue for a period as indicated in the billing settings into your account and will renew automatically under the same terms and conditions for the same period, unless you decide to not to renew your subscription before the end of the applicable period.
LeadStal has the full right to terminate this Agreement immediately without a prior written notice in the event of any material breach of this Agreement (including without limitation, any breach of Section 2.2 and/or failure to pay any amounts when due hereunder).
Customer’s rights to the Services, and any licenses granted hereunder, shall terminate upon any termination or expiration of this Agreement (as applicable). Until sixty (60) calendar days from the date of any termination or expiration of this Agreement (as applicable), Customers may export certain Content through the functionalities of the Services.

Content Security

LeadStal has the right to sue or take action against any party if found that the contents has been used, copied or claimed by the user. We highly discourage the users/parties to copy our contents and use them as it solely belongs to LeadStal.

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