Google Maps Scraper & Extractor

GMap Leads Generator tool will help you to collect leads with their business information and contact information from Google Maps. Here is the information you will see in your extracted CSV files.

  • Business Name

  • Subtitle

  • Category

  • Address

  • Phone Number

  • Ratings

  • Reviews

  • Emails

  • Websites

  • Social Media

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need any coding skills to use GMap Leads Generator?

Of Course Not.
We made this tool easy to use and you won't need any programming knowledge to use it.
GMap Leads Generator is an internet browser tool that works as a google map listings scraper to assist you to gain more clients from Google Maps and helps you develop your business.
Just search your keyword on the Google maps search bar after installing it on your browser, Then click on the “Generate leads” button and The tool will start working automatically.
We made it simple and easy for our user.

What are the requirements for using GMap Leads Generator?

Till now GMap Leads Generator is the easiest solution in the google maps data extraction industry.
The only requirement is that you need to install our browser extension on your favorite browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft EDGE, or Naver Whale for using this scraper.

Can I use GMap Leads generator on other browsers?

Currently, Most of our users using this google map scraper on google chrome browser. But, for making it more accessible we have published it on other browser platforms like

  • Naver whale.(Add to Whale)
  • Microsoft EDGE. (Add to EDGE)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Coming Soon)
  • Opera (Coming Soon)

What type of data can be scraped with GMap Leads generator?

Gmap Lead Generator is the fastest G map Data Extractor Tool for data scraping from google maps.
You can extract any important business data from google maps listing with this browser extension.
This tool extract- Business Name, Subtitle, Category, Address, Phone, Reviews, Ratings, Total Reviews, Positive Reviews, Negative Reviews, Website, Social Media like (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube), Valid Emails.
Our specialty is you can select data before extracting it

Can I use GMap Leads generator for Free?

Yes, GMap lead Generator-Leadstal is totally free, just install it on your browser and use it to grow your business.
The only limitation for free users is, they can extract limited data.
Once they become a paid user, there will be no data extraction limitation. They will be able to extract data as much as they can.