Instagram Scraper & Extractor

This software will assist you in gathering Instagram data and leads with their corporate emails and social media profiles. The data that you will find in your extracted CSV files are listed below:

  • Full Name

  • Username

  • Profile confidentiality

  • Number of Followers

  • Number of Followed

  • Average Likes and Comments

  • User Bio

  • Emails

  • Social Media

  • Phone Number

  • Website

  • Post Engagement

  • Estimated Post Price

  • Estimated Story Price

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I scrape data from Instagram?

Yes, you will be able to scrape out data from Instagram with the help of our LeadStal IG scraper and extension.

How to scrape data from Instagram?

All you have to do is download our LeadStal IG scraper and extension and install it on your desired browser. Open the Instagram application on your browser and you will see a button called “generate leads/scrape data” on your left side of the screen then you just have to click that button and our tool will generate all the data and leads from Instagram for your convenience.

How to scrape emails from Instagram?

While generating leads from our tool, you will be directed to a table of information where you will be able to see a part called “Contact Information,” and under that table, you will find the email address(only if it’s provided by the user) of an insta user along with other vital information.

How to scrape images from Instagram?

You must first choose an Instagram user or profile and navigate to their profile, after which you must choose the post from which you want to scrape the image's information. The "generate lead/scrape data" button that our tool provides will then be clicked, and our tool will then provide all potential results associated with that image or post. Our tool will display the following information:

  • Number of likes
  • Number of comments
  • Date & Time
  • Captions
  • #hashtags

How to scrape Instagram followers?

Choose an Instagram user or profile. Click the "generate lead/scrape data" button on your left after selecting their "followers" list. After hitting that button, you'll be able to utilize our tool to view the followers' details, including their user name, full name, followership count, number of posts, contact details, and more.

How to scrape Instagram hashtags?

You may do this by clicking on the hashtag you would like to use/investigate, which will display all of the posts and images that contain it along with their user names, the number of likes and comments they have received, the day and time they were uploaded, their descriptions, and additional hashtags. With the help of our tool, you may extract all the information about the hashtag.

How to use an Instagram scraper?

You will need to visit our website,, before downloading and installing the extension for the browser of your choice. Then you must visit Instagram and click on the "generate lead/scrape data" button that is located on your left. After clicking on it, you will be able to extract all the information about the post you wished to research.